T Lo’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide For All Kinds of Fabulous Moms And Lady Mentors

Posted on May 09, 2017

Darlings, spring has officially sprung and with it comes prime shopping season for all the moms and mother figures in your lives! Because we’re the pushy sorts and because we love to shop (and also because we love even more to make commissions when we shop), we’ve put together a little list of fabulous T Lo-curated gifts for Mother’s Day. Now, we figure most of y’all already know how to shop for your moms and mom-figures, but just in case you’re a little lost or need a little inspiration, we thought we’d put our own spin on the traditional Mother’s Day gift guide. A little fierce, a little feisty, and a little fun. Let’s go shopping!

First up, that ol’ standby…






As you can see, we had a little fun with it. The way we see it, there as many types of moms and mom-figures out there as there are… well, types of women, of course. So if she’s the purse type, maybe she likes classically pretty or maybe she likes cute and practical or maybe she’s got a taste for the ridiculous. We tried to include something for every purse-toting mama.

Maybe you’d like your mom-lady to do a little more reading and a little less toting, in which case, you should check out our recs for …





Crafting! Gardening! Feminism! Tattoos! Glamour! Jewelry! Movie Stars! It’s all there, darlings. Or at least some of it is.


And if none of the above will make your mom’s skirt twirl, may we suggest the following?

Click here to purchase, send us a proof of purchase (dated after April 25th, 2017), along with your Mom’s name and whatever personal message you’d like us to write and we’ll send you a signed bookplate for the inside cover. Email to tlo at tomandlorenzo dot com and don’t forget to include the mailing address!

But perhaps you’d like your Ma to have a little more sparkle in her life. Time for you to check out …




We realize the Betsey Johnson fairy earrings are a highly acquired tasted, but they’re so cute and quirky we couldn’t help ourselves. Also loving those Kate Spade watches and the Bauble Bar options.

If you’re feeling that these categories are too specific, wander on over to …




You wanna get your mom a bathrobe? Fine. But consider maybe getting her a fabulous Missoni or Sonia Rykiel one, just to make her feel all the more chic when she has her morning coffee. Also: a Wonder Woman rain jacket can be a fine thing for many a Mom to have, especially if she opts to pair it with Commes des Garcons Chucks, arwerite?

But if you feel your Mama needs some pampering, you need to check out all our picks for …




Chocolates, flowers and perfumes, of course – but FABULOUS ones, thanks to Marc Jacobs, Sephora, Kiehl’s and L’Occitane. We hooked you guys UP.

And finally, if you’re like us, you’re the gifty-gift type. You want to give your Mom some little doo-dad to use or look at daily; some cute little thing to set on a table, hang on a wall, or haul out when she’s feeling playful. What you need is to check out our picks for …





Because maybe what she really needs is a rainbow snow globe or a gold-plated stapler or even just a Scandal board game. These are the fun, personal gifts that say “I thought of you,” even if you relied on two bloggers you never met to do the thinking for you. Mom doesn’t need to know everything, now does she?




Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens!

To see the brands, hover over each picture. If you can’t see the pictures, turn off your adblocker if you have one and refresh the page. You may have to click off and return to it to see the widget.


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