Style File: Lady Gaga Sashays in NYC

Posted on May 16, 2017

Miss Steffi’s been out and about, putting on sidewalk fashion shows, which means we are duty-bound to offer our thoughts on her efforts. It’s our life’s calling, darlings. And we invite you to join us on our journey. Of bitchery.

Steffi, we’re in position. Feel free to start the show at any time.




We are overwhelmed by how underwhelmed we are. A leopard print zoot suit feels so very done at this point; doesn’t it? If you’re not gonna bring anything new to the look, we’re not sure why someone like Steffi should even bother. And can we say how much the non-matching hat is making our eyelids twitch in obsessive-compulsive fury?

The Gucci bag’s okay, we guess.


Now this, we don’t get AT ALL. The blocking is weirdly distorting and the style reeks of a Forever21 sales rack circa 1998 or so. And if you’re gonna go to the trouble of wearing a tight, short dress, why pick one that works so hard to look like athletic gear?

Also, the shoes don’t go.

Miss Girl, this was a very disappointing series of outings. Gaga is many things, but “basic” should never be one of them.


Style Credits:
Gucci Leather Bag with Bamboo Top Handle and Tiger Embroidery

[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/INSTARimages,]

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