Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, and Annabelle Wallis at “The Mummy” Paris Premiere

Posted on May 31, 2017


Actors Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, and Annabelle Wallis attend the premiere of “The Mummy” at Le Grand Rex in Paris, France.


This isn’t exactly what we’d call an exciting poledance, but everyone seems to be working hard, which makes us feel guilty if we don’t pay attention.

By the way, are they contractually obligated to touch Tom Cruise if they’re standing next to him for pictures?


Brava, Lady. This is your best effort yet on this promo tour. The gown is dramatic, but relatively simple. There’s just enough interest provided by the straps and the shoulder embellishments to keep it from looking generic or boring. And it suits her hair and makeup style, which tends toward a clean face and unfussy hair. This is exactly the type of look she should be going for on the regular. Her style sweet spot.


Pretty much indistinguishable from the previous couple of suits we’ve seen him in. Switch it up a little, Tom. You’re starting to come off like a traveling wax figure instead of a human being. Wear a color other than blue, for a start.


Girl, you got Prada’d in the most Prada way: a perfectly lovely gown ruined by one big honkin’ detail; in this case, that massive keyhole, which throws all the proportions of the dress out of wack and isn’t particularly flattering.

Ever notice how you never see the women’s shoes on this promo tour?


Style Credits:
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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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