Cannes 2017: Nicole Kidman, Elisabeth Moss and Gwendoline Christie at the “Top of the Lake” Photo Call

Posted on May 23, 2017

Let’s give it up for these amazing women. Not only do they all look amazingly dressed and are probably amazingly good and supportive friends to each other, but they are also – to our amazement – able to focus on the camera in front of them knowing full well there are simultaneously 200 cameras pointed at their asses. That is dedication and talent at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Now let’s see how they’re dressed and tell them if we approve.


Nicole Kidman in Versace


It’s sweet and romantic without being too fussy. More importantly, it’s black, which tends to look amazing on her and works to prevent the romance part to overwhelm her. Her hair looks good too. It’s not something we’ve been able to say for a while, so congrats on that, lady. It’s a great look all around.



Elisabeth Moss in Azzedine Alaïa

Surprisingly, she can work the ruffles. It helps that the rest of the dress is fairly plain, since that’s her style sweet spot. The shoes look like a major needle scratch from where we’re sitting.



Gwendoline Christie in Fendi

This is lovely – and really suits her – but those shoes are making our eyelids twitch furiously. They might be a lot of fun with, say, a pair of jeans, but dear GOD, are they the worst choice ever for a dress like this one. If Lizzie’s shoes were a needle scratch, then these were a series of small explosions.

You can tell which one’s been a movie star for almost three decades.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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