Met Gala 2017: Riley Keough, Giving Us Jackson-Adjacent Realness

Posted on May 03, 2017

Even though there were more eye-popping or just plain horrible looks than this one, we felt like shining the spotlight on Miss Riley and her choices for several reasons. First, because this actually looks pretty great on her:


Second, because it’s one of the best things we’ve seen with a Louis Vuitton label sewn inside in some time. There’s been a lot of cray coming out of that house recently, so it’s kind of ironic that this least-cray look stood out to us on the one night everyone’s supposed to unleash the cray.

Oh, by the way, we will be retiring “cray” after this week.

Anyway, it’s a toned-down LV but it works. It’s not nearly as over-the-top or avant garde as we would have liked, given how off-beat their stuff has been, but it’s fun. We almost wish she’d saved it for her next premiere.

We kinda wonder if she’s not paying some sort of tribute to her stepfather, Michael Jackson. She’s spoken fondly of him before and this really does look like a feminine take on his exact aesthetic.


Style Credits:
Custom Louis Vuitton Sequined Embellished Dress
Repossi Jewelry
Louis Vuitton Boots

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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