Met Gala 2017: Madonna Goes to War in Moschino

Posted on May 03, 2017



Believe it or not, we’re of several minds on this (there are two of us, so that’s not weird). First, we acknowledge that this is, overall, not very fabulous. By that we mean it’s a bit cheap-looking and more than a bit “Party City costume.” It’s not a great look or a chic look or even a look that belongs in the pantheon of notable Madonna looks. We also think the use of camouflage and overt military references in fashion can often be pretty damn tacky.


“Knowing” Madonna’s public persona, we think it’s very much of a piece with how she expresses her political reactions creatively. She also went through a military period post-9/11. She’s been more than vocal about the current state of American politics. It seems to us this is a fairly clear (in that Madonna sort of way) “My body is a battlefield/I’m at war with my enemies” message.  There are many reasons why Madonna is a fashion icon, but the most important one is her longstanding talent for using fashion to send messages and to define who she is during the periods of her life.This is her thing. It always has been. From Faux-Marilyn to Faux Latina to Lipstick Lesbian to Teutonic Dominatrix to Enlightened Mother Figure to Ripped Cougar – and on and on it goes.

Removing both the politics and the questions of taste from the equation, we have to admit that it really is a very well-realized look. The way the netting, straps, belts and pockets all work in service to the theme. There’s not a wrong note in that sense. It’s all clear as a bell. If RuPaul announced that the runway category this week was Soldier Girl Realness, there’s no way this wouldn’t be the very best of the lot. That’s the thing with Madge. Sometimes, you have to remember how much of a drag queen she really is.


Style Credits:
Moschino by Jeremy Scott Camouflage Gown

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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