Met Gala 2017: Lena Dunham, Once Again Thrilled to be Here

Posted on May 02, 2017

Oh look, you guys. Lena Dunham is here. Now we can all look forward to more missives from her about how awful the Met Gala is and how unwelcome she feels there because random sports figures failed at wanting her.

Are we being bitches? You’re damn right we are. Look, no one is obligated to love the Met Gala. We’re pretty sure if we were there, we’d find the whole thing insufferable once we got a chance to take in all the fashion. Our issue isn’t that it’s not her thing. Our issue is that she trashed it badly last year and made a fool of herself in the process – and then came back for more this year.


As for the look…



The color and fabric are great, if a little heavy-looking for this time of year. The shape is not so great. We’re all for a big, crazy silhouette on a night like this, but this just looks like pounds and pounds of fabric dropped on her from a great height.

We’ll give her the boots, though. That’s fun. What she doesn’t understand about style is that she should have taken those boots, which are far more “her” than this dress is, and used them as the starting point for the look.


Style Credits:
Custom Elizabeth Kennedy Black and Burgundy one-Shoulder Gown Inspired by the Fall 2017 Collection
Cartier Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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