Met Gala 2017: Claire Danes is the Avant Garde Lady Pirate We Need Right Now

Posted on May 02, 2017

“What a shame,” we said in unison, like a couple of creepy twin ghosts at the end of an empty hotel hallway. Our mild declaration of disappointment was leveled at the following set of shots. Try and figure out what we think is a total shame about this look.



Is it the insane shirt, which looks like it started sprouting fabric fungus after a light rain? Is it all the extraneous nonsense hanging off said shirt? Or could it be the cuffs of the pants, which are overdesigned to an almost absurd extent? Just what is it about this look that makes us sad?

Give up?


It’s a shame that Claire Danes is wearing this look, because she doesn’t quite have the skills to work it. The look itself? Love it. No, really. And it’s because we love it that we have to circle back around and give Miss Claire the respect she deserves here. She picked it, after all. She had the brass to wear pants at the Met Gala. And then she had the right idea of making sure the pants she chose would be completely insane. She really nailed the style brief. She just didn’t consider whether she could pull it off.

To be fair, she’s not doing anything to make this look worse or look weirder than it should. It’s just that she doesn’t quite have the attitude to make it work. Still, it’s a surprisingly good choice for the evening.



Style Credits:
Monse Ensemble Featuring a White Top and Ruffle and Cutout Detail and Black Pants from the Fall 217 Collection
Monse Black Shoes from the Fall 217 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABACA USA/, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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