Met Gala 2017: We May Have Hit the Wall on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Posted on May 02, 2017

We don’t know, you guys. As much as we’ve loved them in the past, we’re starting to not buy whatever it is they’re selling.

Case in point:

He looks great, but oh-so-very conventional. Which reminds us: for all the criticisms we and others have about people not showing up in cray avant garde fashion, these critiques often have a sexist undertone to them, as if the onus is entirely on the women attendees to fulfill the theme of the event. To hell with that. He couldn’t pick a tux in a wild color or pattern? He couldn’t sport a ruffled shirt or an interesting bow tie?

On the flipside is Miss Chrissy, whose cray is off the charts. We’ll give her credit for not being conventional about things, but we can’t act like a sheer skirt is some exciting new development in red carpetry; not after we spent years decrying them. In fact, this dress really isn’t all that cray in design. It’s got all the elements of a standard red carpet dress – sheer, over-embellished, B&W – but the only thing it did differently was to exaggerate them. All the feathers, and puffiness and glitter is just too overdone – in every sense of the word. Basically, he’s underdone to the point of dull and she’s overdone in all the wrong ways.

Get your mojo back, you two.


Style Credits:
Custom Marchesa Sheer Embelllished Gown with Floral Appliqués
Burberry Tuxedo

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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