Met Gala 2017: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Truly in Love with Themselves

Posted on May 02, 2017

Dear Internet,

Can we please go back to those halcyon days when we all collectively thought these two were thirsty and bland? Remember? Before their fortunes turned because he finally got a major hit movie under his belt? When we all talked about them the way we now talk about the Biel-Timberlakes?


We’re sighing now. We know once the internet changes their collective mind on a star and decides they love them, you pretty much have to play a waiting game for the day when they have a flop, get old, gain weight or (most likely of all to change the standing of a celebrity), say something mind-numblingly dumb or self-involved in an interview.

Alas. The Lively-Reynolds are currently golden, which means…


We’re not allowed to find it supremely irritating that they insist on staring at each other when posing for photographers.  We’re also not allowed to surmise that the reason they do so is because that’s when they can see what they truly love in the world: their own reflection in someone else’s eyes.


Fine. This concludes the shady-af portion of our program. Now onto matters of fashion.



We love this.

Oh god, we hate ourselves now.

But we do love it on her. The shock of color on the bottom really makes the dress. And she’s one of those unlikely blondes who can rock the hell out of a metallic gold. It’s really working for us on every level. Of course the earrings are way too matchy and probably too long, but that’s to be expected, we suppose.

He looks good, but prom-y. And this may get us in some trouble, but we rarely like when a man matches his tie to his partner’s dress. You’re not figures on a wedding cake or something. You don’t have to match.




Style Credits:
Custom Atelier Versace Gold Chain Gown with Multicolored Feather Detail in a Dégradé Fashion from Gold to Ocean Blue
Judith Leiber Clutch
Versace Navy Blue Tuxedo, White Shirt, Pale Blue Bow Tie and Patent Leather Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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