Lucy Hale Makes it Rain on Melrose

Posted on May 10, 2017

Apparently, Lucy’s hoping to run into a pack of Chippendale’s dancers or something:




Oh, good. We’re glad you’re happy to see us, Miss Lucy, because we’ve got some complaining to do. Then again, we suppose walking around with a stack of cash in your hand would make just about anyone happy.

Don’t worry, our complaints are mild. This is actually all kind of a cute street look. In fact, there’s not one item she’s sporting that isn’t a little cute. We especially love the flat, black boots, which give it a little bit of a rock-and-roll feel. The belt is fun and the bag is nice too. It’s just that none of these items look right in the same outfit.

Now, we’re not about to claim a simple running-errands look requires accessories-matching, but this all has the distinct whiff of  bunch of free merch that was randomly picked from a pile for a day of sidewalk-sashaying. We’d have been fine with the boots and the bag or the belt and the boots, but the bag, belt and boots is asking too much of one outfit.

Love the shades.


Style Credits:
525 America Knit Cold Shoulder Top
Black Orchid Noah Fray Jeans in Darkness
Raen Gilman Sunglasses
Céline Belt Bag

[Photo Credit:]

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