Lorenzo’s Picks for … MAXI DRESSES AND CAFTANS!

Posted on May 17, 2017

Darlings, as the summer months loom before us, we look out the windows of T Lo International Style Watching Ltd. and count the number of fabulous caftans and maxi dresses that are springing up on the street outside as the temperatures rise. Lorenzo, ever the personal shopper, surveyed the style and said to himself “I think I need to go shopping.” And thus it came to pass. Once he gets a look into his head, he has to go do the retail hunter-gatherer thing just to satisfy the itch. Since he gave up personal shopping years ago and his client list has drifted away, he gets to flex all those old shopping muscles on you. Aren’t you lucky, darlings? Probably not as lucky as Tom feels, now that Lo has an outlet for his addictions and isn’t constantly trying to shop for him against his will.

Anyway, the maxi is a warm-weather classic and the caftan is back in mainstream retail style again. What’s great about these comfy, flowy styles is just how interpretable they can be. You can find pieces for lounging pool or beachside, pieces that only need a pair of flip-flops or slides to make a perfectly chic and practical day look, and pieces that can be dressed up enough for a wedding reception or other semi-formal event. They’re colorful, they’re comfy, they’re perfect for a wide range of types, personalities and situations, and Lorenzo just scooped up a whole truckload of cute and stylish ones for you to check out.




When asked which ones were his favorites, he cried a little and said, “I love them all so much.”

Okay, no. That part’s made up, but the point is, these are the best, most interesting, most stylish and versatile examples of these styles he could find, from simple minimalist tank dresses, to the kinds of gloriously diva-esque caftans Joan Crawford wore when plotting to destroy her enemies, to cute romantic styles, to chic little day wear and date-night wear, to big, loud, bold drinks-on-the-veranda realness. It’s a garment that can be practical, fun, sexy, romantic, bold, and even a little obnoxious, when that’s what a lady feels she needs to be.

So, kittens, we bet a lot of you have at least one already, but ya feel like trying on some of Lo’s stylish picks? Feel the flow.

What? That’s not weird.



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[Photo Credit: IMAXTree]

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