Lorenzo’s Picks for … FABULOUS SUMMER TOTE BAGS!

Posted on May 31, 2017

Darlings, summer is semi-officially under way and when Lorenzo looked out the gleaming windows of T Lo Manor and saw lady after lady hauling out her summer tote bag for daily usage, he felt inspired, nay compelled to flex his personal shopper muscles and go on a hunt for the most fabulous and fun tote bags for the summer months – although at least half of them are perfect year-rounders.

Let’s take a look at what several hours of feverish semi-obsessive online shopping by a fashion queen gets you, shall we? Warning: It’s a whole hell of a lot of tote bags in a vast range of price points.




Once he got started he couldn’t be stopped. The humble (and sometimes not-so-humble) tote is such a highly versatile item, both in usage and in style, that Lo found himself gleefully clicking off every fabulous option he could find until Tom made him breathe into a paper bag for a while and come to his senses. What we have here is a hundred-plus tote bags in styles ready for everything from the beach to brunch; from work to play. Lorenzo’s faves? Well of course he’s going to love the “Names, names, names, darling!” ones, like the Dolce & Gabbana. But Kate Spade and Tory Burch are offering some Lo-approved faves, and he’s especially partial to some of the fun raffia ones, like the “Beach Please” bag from Nordstrom and the pom-pom bags. Also, the floral Calvin Kleins, for something a little more formal, as well as the classic Neiman offerings and the sleek Cole Haan.

But he loves them all, of course; from the playful to the drop-dead chic. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on the list, darlings.

So, feel like freshening up your go-to carry-around for the season?

Oh, and if you need more fabulous Lo-curated summer items to go with your new bag, check out his picks for maxi dresses and caftans, as well as slides and flip flops. Stick with us and you’ll be poolside fabulous all season long, kitten.


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