Lea Michele in J. Mendel at the ABC Upfronts: IN or OUT?

Posted on May 17, 2017

Alright, kittens. It’s time to put you to THE TEST. It’s one that we, as bitchy celebrity fashion bloggers must face practically every day, and we can’t honestly say we’ve passed it a hundred percent of the time.


Now, Miss Lea has come in for more than her fair share of bitchery ’round these parts over the years, due mainly to her somewhat tacky style choices and her even tackier posing routines. It’s fair to say that whenever her smiling face and please-love-me posing hits the front page of this site, there are plenty of kittens who get to work immediately sharpening their claws. But now comes THE TEST, darlings. You see, this look? It’s actually kind of cute, from where we’re sitting. The textile comes off a little heavy and upholstery-like, but the color story is nice and the the fit and shape are perfect for her. The only thing we’d change is the shoe choice, because those are kind of generic and her grippin’ toes are kind of distracting. But aside from that, we think this look is a winner for her.

The point is, do you? Can you put aside your years of eye-rolling and “Of course”ing to see this for the fairly cute look it is, or will you succumb to your base hatred and prejudices? Okay, fine. We’re stacking the deck. It’s quite possible you have good reasons to not like this one. But now’s the time to express them, darling. In other words…


Lea Michele’s Looks-Good-to-Us Dress:

IN or OUT?


Let’s hear it.



Style Credits:
J. Mendel Strapless Drop Waist Printed Dress

[Photo Credit: Lou Rocco/ABC, Getty Images]

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