Kyle MacLachlan and the Original “Twin Peaks” Cast at the Showtime Premiere

Posted on May 20, 2017

In case you weren’t feeling nostalgic enough about tomorrow night’s return of Twin Peaks from a 27-year hiatus, how about a look at the returning cast members on the red carpet of last night’s premiere party?


David Patrick Kelly

We’re sure he’s a lovely man and a fine actor, but Jerry Horne may just have been one of the most irritating characters in the history of television. Nothing against Mr. Kelly – or maybe as a testament to his acting – but we’d love to see the character die painfully in the first twenty minutes.

Goodness. We’re getting all dark and shit already. Anyway, We’re digging his look. It’s a bit too tone-on-tone and the hat is very silly, but we figure everyone here has the right to go as goofy as they want.


Everett McGill


Welcome back to the spotlight, Big Ed. Since you’ve never really been one for it, we’re going to whistle while we walk quickly past your style choices here.



Grace Zabriskie

Sweet. We’re almost dreading how much of an emotional wringer Lynch might’ve put her through – again.



Kimmy Robertson

Yes. Well.

Good to see you too, Kimmy.



Kyle MacLachlan

It’s a fine look, but very, very corporate.


Madchen Amick

Nice to see someone in this cast knows what to do with a red carpet. This isn’t what we’d call tasteful, but she gets points for taking the moment and grabbing the spotlight.


Michael Horse

What? Like we’re going to critique this? Hawk looks good.


Sheryl Lee

She looks great, but in all honesty, there’s something genuinely eerie about seeing her with a mature face. David Lynch turned her young face into a never-changing, forever-youthful icon and one of the most tantalizing aspects of the new series is the fact that she’s in it, clearly 25 years older, having played two women who died 25 years before. We can’t imagine what Lynch is planning with her.

Anyway, her dress is nice, her shoes are not so hot and if you want to hear more of our thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks, you can always check out this week’s podcast.


[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Getty Images]

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