Keri Russell is Surprisingly Fussy as She’s Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Posted on May 31, 2017

“The Americans” star Keri Russell, with her boyfriend and co-star Matthew Rhys, at her Walk of Fame induction ceremony in Hollywood.



Why, Miss Keri. It’s a little surprising to see you in something so exuberant.

But first:


Thank you, Matthew. That will be all.  Your suit’s kind of bland and ill-fitted, but today’s not about you, so you get a pass. B for effort.

Now this, on the other hand…


…we’re loving the longer we look at it. And we’re really surprised to say that because we’re not usually fans of super-tricky, super-twisted garments like that top. To be fair, we think it should be worn as intended, with the shoulders up and the sash tied in the front. The way she’s got it on, it’s making an already tricky top much more complicated than it needs to be. But as a style choice, especially paired with those pants, it’s a great, semi-cazh, daytime, photogenic look. It’s fussier than she normally is (and weirdly, she made the choice to make it even fussier by pushing it off the shoulder), but the basic pants and casual styling keep it from overwhelming her. It just works for us. Or it would if she wore it the way it was intended to be worn.


Style Credits:
Johanna Ortiz ‘Santa Rosa‘ Striped Off-the-Shoulder Wrap Shirt from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images,, Courtesy of Johanna Ortiz]

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