“Good Behavior” Stars Juan Diego Botto and Michelle Dockery at the Turner Upfronts

Posted on May 18, 2017


Aw. We forgot how much we missed this show. Can’t wait until season two. And if you’ve never caught it, go find it. It’s eminently bingeable and both leads are a lot of fun and have sizzling chemistry. It’s T Lo-approved.

And apparently they really coordinate their outfits.


There’s such a generic dullness to the black suit/white dress shirt/no tie look, but we suppose beautiful Argentine-Spanish men got some sort of dispensation. Can we have a ruling, those who are likely to vote with their crotches on this matter? Personally, we get a distinct whiff of “off-duty priest,” which doesn’t particularly turn our cranks, but we won’t presume to speak for you.

As for Lady Former-Mary, we kinda love the slouchy, ’90s-style pleated pants. We’re not suggesting they should come back in style (too late) or that everyone should give them a try, but Michelle definitely resides in that group who can pull them off. The subtle polka dot is a little chic. We’re not at all feeling the crop top, though. And the almost-white pumps push it a little close to literally ’90s. Still, we think we like this general style direction for her. It’s modern and practical (relatively speaking), and she doesn’t need to look fussy or romantic when she’s promoting this series.

They look good. We might’ve zhuzhed them both up more, but they make a sharp couple (image-wise).


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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