Jennifer Lopez and her Coming and Going “Today” Show Ensembles

Posted on May 09, 2017

Because every diva makes sure to give the public as much to talk about as possible every time she steps outside. Jennifer Lopez, spiritual successor to Joan Crawford, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been saying this for years. If Joan got to spend one more day on earth in 2017 and you asked her, “Joan, who is upholding your tradition of basically living your public life like a showgirl for decades at a time in order to forestall aging and remain ever-effervescent in the eyes of her adoring public?” She would smile and point to Miss Jennifer, we’re sure. Then she’d probably say something racist and ask for a drink, but it’s best not to take our fantasies past the useful point, now isn’t it?



Here is Miss Lady in her “walking out of the studio” ensemble. She’s our leggy angel. She kind of looks like she’s wearing her First Holy Communion dress, though. And the shoes are distinctly bridesmaid. But the coat’s gorgeous and she sure knows how to work an all-white look. It’s one of her signatures, in fact.

Earlier in the morning told a different tale:



Still serving leg and coat porn, though. Miss Diva knows what you want.



Style Credits:
First Look: KES White Coat | Jonathan Sinkhai Dress | Valentino Bag | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Second Look: Max Mara Black Coat | Chanel Bag | Quay Sunglasses | Jimmy Choo Shoes

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, Freddie Baez/]

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