House of Cards Season 5 Trailer and Art Drops For an America Hungry to See Masterminds in Federal Government

Posted on May 01, 2017

Darlings, the trailer and key art for the fifth season of Netflix’s House of Cards dropped today and we have to admit, we’re dying to see what the response to this show will be going forward. Because don’t we all want to lose ourselves in the fantasy that our federal government is run by brilliantly devious types?



This is one of those show’s we’ve been split on for years. Tom gave up halfway through the second season because he found the storylines tepid and he found the characterization of Frank and Claire Underwood to be so rooted in fantasy that it became difficult for him to buy into it. The fact of the matter is, most politicians and political operatives are NOT budding little supervillains but merely people who are highly focused on a few pet issues and agendas. And the system doesn’t allow for the kind of games-playing that Frank tends to engage in, which makes his schemes seem ever more ludicrous as time goes on. Even now, it might be nice to think that the people at the top are so brilliant that they deserve to be there, no matter how evil they might be.

Lorenzo, for his part, has always found the games-playing to be too delicious to care about whether it’s realistic. He thinks the dialogue is sharp and witty and the show has some fairly dark things to say about the types of people who go into government service. And of course, he diva-worships Claire.




So, are you still on board with this show, if you’ve been watching it thus far? Or are you more interested in ever to catch up, gibe how insane our own political system has become in the time since season four ended?



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