Harry Styles Pinks it Up on “The Today Show”

Posted on May 10, 2017

Gotta love a man in a pink suit. It’s the law. Or it should be, at least.


He’s adorable. Never underestimate the power of good dimple placement and great hair in the careers of male pop stars. He’s got the DNA down cold.

We wish we could say we love the suit itself, but we only love the idea of it. The cut is not great. The jacket’s too big on him and the full, puddling pants make it look like he pulled this off a vintage rack as-is. For a custom suit, he’s kind of swimming in it.

Still, we can’t do anything but applaud him for the choice. The details aren’t up to snuff, but it’s a stylish and confident look.


Style Credits:
Custom Edward Sexton Pink One-Button Suit

[Photo Credit: Nathan Congleton/NBC, Getty Images]

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