Gillian Anderson Shows Her Romantic Side at the BAFTA Television Awards

Posted on May 15, 2017

A special shoutout to Miss Gillian, who not only managed a Personal Best here, but also managed to snag a fairly conventionally pretty Erdem at a time when those are getting are harder and harder to come by.


This is lovely. The delicate scale of the floral along with the slightly unusual color scheme (for a red carpet gown) combine well with the sweep and drape of the silhouette, which feels retro but not musty. It turns out, Miss Anderson can work a ruffle. She doesn’t always get it quite right on the RC, but this is an instance of all the factors coming together in her favor. It just feels more stylish and in possession of more personality than her usual get-the-job-done approach.

Not feeling the hair, though. And while a dress like this doesn’t really scream for a lot of jewelry, she does seem curiously bare in that department.


Style Credits:
Erdem Floral Print Sleeveless Dress from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: PA Images/, Getty Images, Courtesy of Erdem]

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