Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter Were at the “Wonder Woman” L.A. Premiere Together and Now Our Lives Are Complete

Posted on May 26, 2017



Kittens, it could make a couple of queens weep. Give us a moment here.

Okay, now let’s assess their outfits.


The idea of her not coming out for the premiere in either red, gold, blue or a combo of all three seemed extremely unlikely. Almost as unlikely as the idea that she would eschew metallics or sparkle. Let’s face it; this is not the film where you want to be coming out in your serious black column gown. If you’re Wonder Woman, you better go big.

We’re afraid we’ve got some problems with this one, however. The colors and sparkle are great. The style is not. A criss-cross halter with a high-waisted cutout is, quite honestly, one of those designs that puzzle the shit out of us because we don’t understand why anyone would opt for it, seeing as its unflattering on pretty much any body. It visually flattens the boobs and thickens the waist. Every time. On every body. Fashion peeps, you gotta stop it with this one. Don’t even get us started on the weird little below-the-waist cutouts in the skirt. It’s a damn shame, because this dress would be more or less perfect without the cutouts.

And boy, is that head-styling a disappointment. We’re sort of getting the clue, based on her promotional looks so far, that Miss Gal is not a high-glam gal. While we want any ladystar to be comfortable with how she looks when she’s promoting her work, this really should’ve been the time for her to suck it up a little – especially if she’s opting for brighty colored sequined gowns. Her hair and makeup are so underwhelming here that it looks like she pinned the former up in order to get started on the latter and then realized she was running late. Personally, we think this gown – and this tour – call for a blowout, some red lips and some significant sparkle on the ears, but since that doesn’t seem like her bag at all, we’d suggest she figure out some sort of happy medium. A pony tail, a white gown, and some gold jewelry, if you’re the low-key type.




We will ignore the posing. She doesn’t get to do it all that often.

Love that this Wonder Woman knows how to accessorize for a Wonder Woman premiere. The clutch is cute, but the jewelry is stunning. We love the idea of her acting as a sort of Wonder Woman Emeritus and not trying to compete with Gal by wearing some big sparkly gown. Especially because “big sparkly gown” is Lynda Carter’s style sweet spot. The suit is a great idea – especially since she took the opportunity to play up her face and accessories – but the jacket is a bit small and the top is a missed opportunity. If she wasn’t going to do an old-school WW t-shirt under there (which we would’ve implored her to wear), then we think she should’ve gone for a metallic shell to bump it up a little. Emeritus you may be, Miss Lady, but you’re still a princess.



We interviewed Lynda years ago for Metrosource magazine, at a time when there was a Wonder Woman TV show revival shooting (that was eventually scrapped). When we asked her about this proposed new version, she was thrilled. One of the most charming things about her is how she’s served as an ambassador for the character for decades now, and she’s always expressed a deep desire to see her story retold for new generations, especially since there’ve been a dozen Batmen and Supermen since her show went off the air. She enthusiastically told us all of this and said she couldn’t wait to see some young woman come along and reinterpret Wonder Woman. There’s not an ounce of jealousy or grandstanding in the above pics. She’s the equivalent of a proud superhero mama watching her daughter graduate.




Style Credits:
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[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Getty Images]

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