Gal Gadot and Chris Pine Have Plenty to Smile About at the “Wonder Woman” Mexico City Premiere

Posted on May 30, 2017


Looks like the first big-budget superheroine movie of the modern age is coasting to its opening on some very good reviews, which has got to be a relief to its stars, given all that was riding on this one. So good on ya, Gal and Chris. Take a victory lap. But then come back and stand in front of us so we can judge your outfits.



Alrighty, then.



Black is not your color, lady.

Sure, it “works” on everyone, which is why it’s such a conventional standard, but it comes alive more on some than on others. On Miss Gal, in pictures, black does absolutely nothing. We feel a little strange starting with that crit, since the much bigger one is staring us in the face: this dress is hiddy. The embellishments are heavy, haphazard and totally unfabulous. The shape of the bodice and neckline is so off that we can’t tell if it’s a design consideration or just bad fit.

In a way, we can’t entirely blame Gal for this one. You’ve gotta figure a custom Prada gown for your Wonder Woman premiere sure sounds like a good idea on paper.


Still working that sugar daddy thing. Fine. Whatever. It adds twenty years to him, but we can’t say these pieces are badly chosen. Although the jacket looks way too short for him.

We don’t know… it’s fine, we guess. It’s just that it’s more or less how we wish George Clooney would dress. Chris has got at least a decade before he needs to worry about looking distinguished. You’re a movie star. Focus on “hot” for a little while.


Style Credits:
Custom Prada Embellished Gown
Anita Ko Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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