Friday Red Carpet Leftovers for the Week of May 14, 2017

Posted on May 19, 2017

And now, the end is near – but more for some than others. You see, this may be the end of the work week for most, but because of all the Cannes gownery flying in our faces on a minute-by-minute basis, you can expect us to be working through the weekend. Even so, Fridays are the normal Close of Business, so we’re closing out the leftover red carpet business of the week. Considering how much red carpetry there was this week, most of these folks should not feel bad that we’re giving them the old heave-ho unceremoniously. There just aren’t hours enough in the day, darlings.

Onward. To judgment.


Aidan Turner

Hiding the hot in a first year associate’s suit.



Alexandra Daddario in Azzaro

BAM. It’s not tasteful, but this is a Baywatch premiere in Miami. It’s not on the menu.



Blake Lively in Michael Kors Collection

This is nicely low-key. She was there to support her fellow sister of the Traveling Pant, Amber Tamblyn, and this was an admirable way of showing up stylish but not showy.



Cara Delevingne in Moschino

She’s able to make that dress look like way more than it is.



Darby Stanchfield in Julia Clancey

Not sure we can handle a Dynasty top with a gaucho bottom.



Famke Janssen

Oh, hell no.

Lady, we’re usually fairly supportive of your fun and flirty street style, but you’re veering into Baby Jane Hudson territory with this one. At a certain point …



Freida Pinto

The jacket and dress really don’t go together.



Gina Rodriguez in By Johnny

A generic gown with a fucked-up bust. Newp.



Katherine Waterston in Proenza Schouler

Surprisingly fierce.



Lana Parilla in Gauri & Nainika

Ooof. No. It’s kind of tacky and like so much of what she chooses to wear, it’s hellaciously aging.



Naomi Watts

Okay, we’re officially over the “My dress is ugly or plain, so I’ll just throw an oversized jacket over my shoulders” trend. ALL OF YOU CAN STOP NOW.



Niecy Nash

A walking advertisement for impeccable fit – especially if you’re predilection is toward highly body-con looks. It’s more than a bit Barbie AND booby, but as per the usual, the fit of the dress and especially, the bra are applause-worthy.

Which is why it’s so surprising to see her feet jammed into shoes that don’t fit them..



Pamela Anderson

Not a bad way to go at all. It’s classically glamorous, but the style is wind-blown and beachy. She doesn’t come off try-hard, which could’ve very easily been the case with poorer style choices.



Rachel Bloom

Hmm. We want to, but it’s just a little bit too “Nixon daughter” for us.



Rashida Jones in Altuzarra

Sigh. She will never get over her fetish for dressing in the clothes of a much larger secretary from the 1980s, will she?



Uma Thurman

Well done. Perfectly chic.



Wanda Sykes

We’d swear we’ve seen her in this exact outfit about a thousand times. But hey, it works for her. We don’t love the footwear, but it’s not a dealbreaker.


We’ll be back tomorrow with plenty more Cannes-based bitchery, but until then, au revoir, les petits chats!



[Photo Credit: Marcus Owen/,, Getty Images]

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