The Cast of “This Is Us” Put Their Best Feet Forward at the NBC Upfronts

Posted on May 16, 2017

Well looky here. Suddenly, the poorest-dressed cast on TV seem to have gotten their shit together, so to speak. Shall we assess, darlings?

We shall.



Milo Ventimiglia

We still maintain that he gives the impression that clothes are alien to him and he spends most of his free time not bothering with them, which tends to make him look like someone dressed up their dog in a suit when he hits the red carpet. But this is all pretty nice. He probably should’ve just gone ahead and completed the look with a tie, but it’s a well-fitted summer suit and a good choice of footwear. Even better, he doesn’t look desperately uncomfortable in it. More of this, Milo.



Chrissy Metz

We can’t “attagirl” this look enough. We’re going to be honest here. We’ve avoided featuring her on the site because we knew if we spent time critiquing her style choices (some of which were downright awful), we’d come in for a lot of blowback. And we can’t even say we wouldn’t have deserved it. Obviously a star like her is going to have an enormous set of difficulties in securing fashion and accessories for her promotional appearances, which means she’s operating at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to most other stars. We recognize all of that, which is why we couldn’t bring ourselves to criticize her.

But this? Fantastic. The print and colors look amazing on her and the shape is exactly right for her. And girlfriend when and got her face and hair did, which makes a huge difference. She looks great.



Justin Hartley

Nice enough, but pretty dull for a red carpet. Wedding reception clothes.


Mandy Moore in Diane von Furstenberg

We HATE the extended lace at the hem, but that is the only thing negative we can say about this look. Granted, that one element pretty much ruins it for us, but this is probably the least-criticized Mandy Moore ensemble ever featured on this site. It’s a step in the right direction. Maybe next time, we’ll only mildly dislike some element of her dress.


[Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/NBCUniversal, Cindy Ord/NBCUniversal]

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