Cannes 2017: Elle Fanning Continues Her Winning Streak in Christian Dior Couture

Posted on May 24, 2017

Elle Fanning attends the Cannes Film Festival 70th Anniversary Gala in Cannes, France.


You will be seeing quite a bit of Miss Elle today, because she apparently has worn roughly a dozen outfits a day every day for the last five days (numbers may be fudged slightly for expediency’s sake). And since she keeps crushing it on the style front, we are compelled to feature them all, kittens.

Unfortunately, we’re hitting the wall on coming up with new superlatives. This is just pretty, right?

It’s not fashion-forward or trendy (THANK GOD, considering the panty-baring never-die trend). It’s not even unexpected, since her style brief is always going to lean toward the romantic and princess-inspired. Or it will for the near-future, at least. We’ve been saying this all week but it bears repeating: it really does come across like she and her team have really figured it out. A year ago, you’d see her in a dress like this one, except with the colors all washed out, The fact that this is springtime light and romantic and yet it still provides contrast for her own coloring represents a step forward. If you obsess over these things, that is.

Anyway, it’s a very pretty dress and it’s perfect for her. Now if we could just get her to figure out her hair…


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Embroidered Gown from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection
Christian Dior Fine Jewelry

[Photo Credit: IPA/, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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