Ariel Winter Shows Progress on the Way Into “The Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Show

Posted on May 11, 2017

Ariel Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden are spotted arriving at “The Jimmy Kimmel Live!” studios in Los Angeles, California.


Let us stipulate up front that this is not chic or stylish in any way, as far as we’re concerned.

She’s still working her version of showgirl tacky. She’s been milking the hell out of all the tut-tutting that goes on whenever she steps out in one of her signature hideous mini-dresses, which means we have to give her some begrudging credit for working the game so well. But to be perfectly fair, this look is pretty mild, all things considered. It’s too tight on her, but the design is something half the starlet world has tried at some point or other over the last 18 months. The sheer-dress-over-a-bathing-suit look has become so ubiquitous among celebrity ladykind, that it’s now considered low-key enough for a bookstore appearance. As tacky as her style tends to be, and as much as we’re not loving the continuation of the sheer dress trend, this is probably the tamest and most on-trend ensemble we’ve ever seen her wear.


Style Credits:
Meshki ‘Avina’ Jewelled Midi Dress in Silver

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Courtesy of Meshki]

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