Panthère de Cartier LA Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 09, 2017

It’s rather a sad commentary on the current state of celebrity red carpetry that we can’t tell if the attendees of this affair were asked to avoid color at all costs or whether this is just the usual collection of blandly styled, risk-free red carpetry we’ve come to expect. Judging by pictures of the rest of the attendees, it would appear these gals all ran screaming from the thought of any hue touching their body.

Maybe they found out they weren’t getting a free Panthère de Cartier watch out of it and figured it wasn’t work putting on a show. Whatever the reason, these ladies all showed up as low-key as possible.


Dakota Johnson in Shaina Mote

Which isn’t to say they looked bad. It’s fine to keep things low-effort for a product launch appearance. Miss Dakota’s look is pretty much Miss Dakota’s signature, with all the color stripped out of it.



Kirsten Dunst

Kind of love this one. It’s low-key but high-impact.



Lily Collins in Markarian

Newp. Weird hem, weird neckline.



Sienna Miller in The Row


There’s low-effort and then there’s loungewear and a hair flick.



Sofia Boutella in Burberry

The only one of this lot who committed to something worth photographing. We’ll give her credit for the choice, but it does seem to be overwhelming her a bit. We don’t know her style well enough to say whether this is her preference, but it’s definitely not playing to her strengths.




[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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