Amy Poehler at the 2017 NBC Upfronts: IN or OUT?

Posted on May 16, 2017

Honestly, it’s like we look for ways to punish ourselves.

Because we’re definitely not a hundred percent supportive of this look and yet, knowing that Miss Amy is so beloved that she’s not likely to be voted “OUT,” we’re still going to put it up to a vote.

Here’s the thing. The print is kind of pretty and the shoes are kind of a decent choice (but only “kind of”), but the shape and style is incredibly frumpy to our eyes. Pair that top with some cute black jeans (maybe) and pair that skirt with a brightly colored blouse (maybe), but don’t put them together. It’s way too “eighties secretary” as a complete look.

But fine. Tell us how much you love her and you don’t care.

Amy Poehler’s Admin Assistant ’89 Look:

IN or OUT?



Perhaps our attempt at reverse psychology will work!


[Photo Credit: Getty Images, NBCUniversal]

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