Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on April 25, 2017

Darlings, isn’t it time we checked in on all those dirty little film-lovers down in TriBeCa? They’ve all been poledancing ever so hard. And so many of them are trying to find that perfect balance of movie star glam and downtown funk that we are practically compelled to line them up and rate their efforts.

Shall we dive in, then?



Andie MacDowell

The shoes are way too focus-pulling and make it look like she’s got subdermal medication patches on her ankles. The dress is pretty, but the non-color does little for her. Andie, you need a deep blue here.



Ariel Winter in Yousef Aljasmi

A bit much for the venue, to be honest. We feel like we say that about her a lot. She’s stuck in “Lea Michele, circa 2012” mode.







Dan Stevens

He’s practically cosplaying as a stylish British film star here. Serving up Peter O’Toole 1965 realness.




We feel terrible critiquing a goddess, but the shapes here are all a little odd.



Jake Gyllenhaal

Hot professor.



Jenny Slate

She appears to have a set of color preferences completely at odds with our own. We never like the colors of the outfits she’s wearing. Pretty enough dress, though.



Lena Dunham

Of course.



Rose Byrne in Rag & Bone

This would be a perfect look for the Tribeca Film Festival if it were held in February.



Salma Hayek in Elie Saab

It’s crazy how little cray she’s been foisting on us lately. Sure, the pants are too tight on her, but if that’s all we can say about Mrs. Fashion Luthor’s ensemble, than she clearly found herself a new stylist.



Zosia Mamet

Hip Nana Realness.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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