Starz’s “American Gods” Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on April 21, 2017

The stars of “American Gods” came out for the premiere in LA, and we’ve got both the pictures AND the opinions!



Cloris Leachman

Miss Cloris is a living reminder of an unfortunate truth: Aging superbly requires killer bone structure. Having great style helps too.



Crispin Glover

Who knew George McFly was going to reach middle age looking suave and striking?



Emily Browning

It’s not photographing all that well, but from what we can see, we kind of love it in a gothy/glam sort of way. Not very springtime, though.



Jonathan Tucker

A hot guy with a great body who always seems to be wearing weirdly fitted clothes. Sleeves too short, collar too high, jacket too boxy.



Kristin Chenoweth

Lady, we love you, but you might want to dial it back a little. We could accept either the red leather minidress or the gold sandals, but both at once and Mama’s looking a little red hot.



Orlando Jones

That jacket is like an optical illusion or something. We can’t quite figure out where the edges are. Anyway, he looks pretty great.



Pablo Schreiber

Your bellybutton is sticking its tongue out at us, Pablo. A little advice: if you’re going to wear a plaid 3-piece suit, you better make sure it’s impeccable. It’s not a look that’s improved by dishevelment.


Ricky Whittle

Another hottie in a boxy suit.



Yetide Badaki

Low-key loveliness. It’s a dress we’ve seen a million times, but she looks pretty and regal in it.








[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Dave Longendyke/ – Video Credit: via]

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