Translating the Trends for Spring 2017: Safari it Up in KHAKI

Posted on April 07, 2017


Kittens, feel like some shopping? Because Lorenzo is always up for it, as you might have guessed by now. He took a good, long look at the spring 2017 runways and said, “You know? I do believe there’s a bit of an uptick in the usage of khaki this season!”

Except he didn’t say it remotely like that. Anyway:


Balenciaga | Bottega Veneta | Carolina Herrera | Christian Dior
Creatures of Comfort | Creatures of the Wind | Dion Lee | Hermès
J. W. Anderson | Kenzo | Marni | Michael Kors
Prada | Simone Rocha | Sonia Rykiel | Stella McCartney
Tibi | Ulla Johnson | Valentino \ Vetements


As you can see, plenty of designers returned to that old classic, khaki, to offer an alternative to all the bold colors and bright patterns on the spring runways. And since Lo already went shopping for the spring trends of bright yellows and pinks, gingham, stripes, and bold blues, now’s the time to find either the accent pieces, the pair-up items or the alternatives to all the colors and prints that are currently on trend. In other words, the khaki trend has two uses. It can be used on its own merits as a neutral for those people who tend to prefer their wardrobe stay color-light, AND it can be used to accent or set off the more colorful or patterned parts of your wardrobe. That’s why it’s such a classic tone, after all. It’s versatile.

Interestingly, Lo found himself being more selective than usual in his choices. He curated quite an array, but found that there’s an awful lot of dowdy or just plain ugly khaki fashion pieces out there. You really have to be discerning or you can easily wind up buying something drab.

First up on our shopping tour, a selection of slightly dressy pieces:





Lo is feeling the DVF, the zebra-striped Kors, the minimalist CK pieces, that fabulous Kenzo skirt, and that adorable Eliza J shirt dress. Cute, simple pieces that lend themselves to that khaki vibe.

But if you’re not feeling the idea of skirt right now, by all means, let’s take a stroll over to where they keep all the khaki pants, tops, shorts, jackets and coats, darlings.



A little pair of plain khaki shorts, a brightly colored top, flat sandals, killer sunnies and a floppy hat is like the perfect cute/cazh warm weather look. Khaki jeans go with everything, of course. Lorenzo’s faves here: the Tome blouse, the floral bombers, the sheer Religion blouse, the striped ASOS Curve, and that perfect CK suit jacket.

Of course, no Translating the Trends post would be complete if Lorenzo didn’t go a little nuts with the accessories choices, now would it? First up, the perfect accent pieces for any spring look:





The biggest misconception about us over the years is that we hate what we call the “silly putty shoe.” We don’t. Everyone should have at least a few neutral accessories and none of us live or make appearances on red carpets. In terms of real-world style, we can’t imagine anyone’s wardrobe not having at least one neutral pair of shoes and/or a bag in it. When asked to pick his favorites, Lo couldn’t. He loves them all, like his little khaki pets.

And finally, a sprinkling of gorgeous little things to round out your look:




Well, we did say you’d need a floppy hat and killer shades, didn’t we? Here are, we think, the best options for toning down a really brightly colored or potentially overwhelming warm-weather look: with some subtle, neutral accents to finish it off.

So, dolls. Feel like going safari this spring? What looks good to you?


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