Rashida Jones Goes to The Turtle Ball And Makes a Surprising Style Choice

Posted on April 18, 2017

Rashida Jones attends  The Turtle Conservancy’s Fourth Annual Turtle Ball at The Bowery Hotel in New York City.


Hey, remember when we were talking to Maggie Gyllenhaal earlier, mentioned that there is such a thing as Awkward Chic and told her we considered her one of its leading purveyors?

Meet one of the other ones:

She’s got a long history demonstrating the same love of dowdiness that Maggie tends to favor. Most of the time, we ragged on her for it, but over time, she wore us down and we came to appreciate her attempts to look like a background secretary in 9 to 5.

Ironically, given that she’s attending something called the Turtle Ball, which sounds like it practically begs for Awkward Chic, Miss Rashida opted to surprise us all by just going for plain old Chic. This is kind of spectacular. Love the colors, the pleating, the very ’80s shape and print. It really suits her, to our surprise. Or maybe we’re just not used to her wearing something bold and stylish like this and we’re over-praising it. To rectify that, please allow us to point out that her hair is somewhat under-styled for a look like this (although it does look very shiny and cute). And while her shoes are pretty fab, we’re not sure a sandal was the way to go for such a substantial dress.


Style Credits:
Solace London ‘Else‘ Midi Dress with Cocoon Sleeve from the Spring 2017 Collection
Djula Rings and Earrings

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy of Solace London]

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