Priyanka Chopra Works Some Real World Chic as She Arrives to Co-host “Live with Kelly”

Posted on April 18, 2017

There’s nothing particularly notable about this look. It’s certainly not fashion forward or even of-the-moment trendy.


She just looks cute and we’re fine with that. As if it mattered what we thought.

But since we’re here spewing our thoughts, we might as well open the whole ripped-jeans can of worms. Experience tells us that, even though they’ve been a fashion standard in every decade for the last five, they’re still a thing that tends to set some people off. For the most part, this look never really bothered us. It’s only bad when the ripping is over-done. This pair skates up to the line, but it’s still not enough to make us indignant.

We’re bracing ourselves for the wave of disagreement to come.


[Photo Credit: Freddie Baez/, ROGER WONG/]

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