Naomie Harris Brings A Specific Kind of Chic to the Victoria Beckham Target Launch Event

Posted on April 05, 2017

Trust Miss Naomie – and presumably Miss Vicki – to make schoolgirl chic look, well… chic. Usually it comes off a little on the creepy side.


We don’t know what it is, but this all seems to be working for us. It’s the lack of infantilization or over-sexualizing, we suppose. Two qualities one tends to find in abundance when designers look to school uniforms for inspiration. Not that there’s anything literal about this. It’s not like she’s in a varsity sweater and pleated plaid skirt with kneesocks. But we suppose that’s partially the point. The look of a short pinafore over a white blouse with oxford shoes is the basic DNA of most schoolgirl looks, but this manages to keep those elements minimalist in design, giving the look a much more sophisticated feel.

The only part that bugs is the way the collars of the blouse and jumper don’t really work together.


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[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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