Naomi Watts Goes ’30s Retro, in Miu Miu, for the Turtle Ball

Posted on April 18, 2017

Well, how about that?


Turns out Miss Naomi is fairly well suited for working that Depression Era Working Girl Romance look like a champ. Miss Crawford and Miss Stanwyck are looking down in approval. Or as close to approval as those two gals can get when assessing another actress wearing their dress.



The little naive collar detail and the ruffled yoke and sleeves are details that a lot of women in the present day would find tough to make work in combination, but we find them kind of charming and cute on her. Unfortunately, everything starts going south almost immediately past those parts. First, the non-color is not being at all friendly to her. Second, the hem is unfortunate, but slowly turns toward the tragic in combination with those bridal shoes. Also, that hair is something of a fright.

Basically – and just so we’re clear here – we think the little ’30s details make a surprisingly good choice for her and would urge her to explore that aesthetic a bit more. But that’s really it. The rest of the look’s a mess. Turn the top half into a blouse and pair it with some skinnies and kickass sandals.

Also, maybe a little coconut oil treatment for the hair. We’re just saying.


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Miu Miu Dress with Ruffle and Collar Detail

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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