Maggie Gyllenhaal Leaves the Compound for the “Groundhog Day” Broadway Opening Night

Posted on April 18, 2017

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal attends the “Groundhog Day” Broadway Opening Night at August Wilson Theatre in New York City.



Lady, we’re usually pretty on board with your awkward style choices and clumsy accessorizing because believe it or not, there is such a thing as Awkward Chic and you would be the leading purveyor of it, in our opinion.

But THIS. This, we cannot sign off on, dear:

This isn’t Awkward Chic. This is Crazy People Fashion. This is “Time for your pills” Non-Chic. This is formal wear for an apocalyptic cult holding a mass wedding. This is not fabulous, is what we’re trying to say here.

Also, you look like you applied your makeup and styled your hair three days ago – and haven’t touched either of them since.



[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Adam Nemser/]

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