Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on the set of “A Star Is Born”

Posted on April 27, 2017


We go back and forth on whether this movie is pure genius or whether it’s got disaster written all over it.



Costumes: She looks really adorable and he is filling his out quite well.

Anyway, back to the potential brilliance of this film. It’s all going to hinge on Steffi’s performance. She’s got a metric shit-tonne of charisma on camera, but so far (as per her American Horror Story gigs), she’s not giving Meryl Streep any reason to worry. Now, for a good portion of A Star is Born, charisma will probably see her through. It certainly helped Barbra and Judy with their versions. But if they plan on following the story as previously told, she starts out as an unpolished nobody a little starstruck by Bradley Cooper’s character. We have a really hard time picturing her pulling that kind of character off. We’ll see. If nothing else, the musical numbers (hers, at least) should be pretty fantastic.



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