Things Go Cock-Eyed for Kim Kardashian at the L.A. Premiere of “The Promise”

Posted on April 13, 2017


Look, we don’t want to hear it. We struggled with the title of this post, kittens. STRUGGLED.

But we submit that, in the end, we had little choice in the matter. “Cock-eyed” was simply the best way to describe this situation:


Only because “boob-eyed” doesn’t really make any sense. Not that “cock-eyed” actually does, but at least we can fall back on usage and —

Oh, why the hell are we explaining this? Her boobs are heading for opposite exits. Or at least, they look like they are. But loath as we are to admit it…


This really isn’t all that bad. All things considered. And when we say “things,” we mean “the fact that she’s Kim Kardashian.”

Anyway, it’s a slightly goofy dress up top, but if that’s the worst we can say about a KK jawn, then she’s doing okay, we suppose. The shoes don’t really go, but that’s several steps up from “What the hell is she wearing on her feet?

Also: This is at least the third turtleneck seen on a red carpet this week. We don’t like it. We don’t like it one bit.


Style Credits:
Vintage Versace Embellished Knit Dress
Manolo Blahnik Ankle Strap Sandal

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/]

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