We Have Double Servings of Jon Hamm, Out and About in LA

Posted on April 10, 2017

Who threw that Hamm at you? We did! Not once, but twice! That’s DOUBLE the Hamm! And you paid NOTHING. It’s the deal of the century, darlings. Now, tuck in.


The Hamm is working some vaguely unworkable items (a henley and a Mr. Rogers cardigan) that nonetheless seem to do little to slow The Hamm’s roll, so far as we can tell.

We were going to say something about The Hamm’s method of wearing a ball cap but experience tells us that when we get into critiquing very commonly worn items, we get yelled at. Suffice it to say, he makes it work for him better than — we’ll leave it there.

All we’re saying? The style, top to bottom, is not that great, and yet we would absolutely turn our heads to watch this guy walk by, even if he wasn’t famous. And in a totally non-creepy way. We swear.

The Hamm continues…

The Hamm is following his fitness regimen and though we may want to critique him here, even our assholery has its limits. Instead, enjoy The Hamm.



[Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures ]

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