Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Reunite at the “Gifted” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on April 06, 2017

In this episode of Let’s Judge the T Lo Way! we’ll take a look at pretty people in nice clothes who used to date each other.


Sometimes it seems like these two are far more over their brief relationship than the masses of bloggers and social media mavens who keep wailing about it. Granted, she tends to give the impression in interviews that she’s still mulling over the wreckage, so to speak, but these don’t look like pictures of people whose hearts are broken, do they?


But okay. Yes. They are cute together.

Enough sentiment. Hard, cold judgment is what’s needed here.


Sigh. Our hearts are aflutter. So much for being cold, hard bitches. He tends to favor green or teal suits – and recently admitted it’s his favorite color in suiting (which we could have told you). We love everything about this look, from the unusual color story to the texture of the suit. Boystars, this is how you dress up for the red carpet without the risk of looking like a banker. If we thought for one second that suit was anywhere near our size, we’d rip it right off him and run away.

Yes, we’re leaving that image wide open for your continued fantasizing.


It’s pretty. We can’t say there’s anything truly wrong with it. But for a Dolce & Gabbana gown, it sure is kind of basic, no? We figure if you’re getting free D&G to wear, you might want to pick something that looks a little more interesting. Besides, we’re not in love with the idea of a bold floral print with a beige background.




Style Credits:
Jenny Slate: Dolce&Gabbana Floral Print Strapless Gown from the Spring 2017 Collection | Amanda Pearl Quill Collar in Rose Gold with Lapis | Sophia Webster Rosalind Crystal Sandals in Nude
Chris Evans: Dolce&Gabbana Three-Piece Suit | Christian Louboutin Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images – Video Credit: FoxSearchlight via]

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