Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Go Shopping in Paris

Posted on April 13, 2017

Even though they’re practically dripping with labels here and this is certainly a pre-planned set of photos, it still comes off like a breath of fresh air compared to the thick fumes they were giving off on the red carpet the other day.



See? They’re almost normal, you guys.

But his jeans are eye-roll-inducing. We’re sorry. We’ve got nothing against skinny jeans, but he manages to make them look so …

You know? We’re actually going to stop there. We can’t seem to discuss what he’s wearing without being a lot more sharp-tongued than we want to. We don’t hate him. We don’t hate skinny jeans. But man, something about the combo tends to trigger some sort of rage response in us. His jacket’s nice, but we can’t with anything else he’s got on. The hair alone looks like it took hours.

She’s okay. She’s serving up that thing that every high-end salesperson in Paris knows on sight: an American with money.


Style Credits:
Chloé Pants
Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
Céline Bag
Superga Sneakers


[Photo Credit: Nasser Berzane/ABACA/]

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