Hugh Jackman Works His Top Hat Charms on Michelle Williams, Shooting “The Greatest Showman”

Posted on April 06, 2017

When we featured shots from the set the other day, we noted that Michelle Williams’ costume didn’t look remotely period-accurate to the mid-19th Century. It seems obvious with these shots that they’re going for a far more fanciful aesthetic.


We have no idea why she’s sporting slouchy boots and blown-out bottle-blonde hair when he and practically everyone else in the background are costumed appropriately, but we have to admit we’re intrigued. There must be a reason for it outside of simply being fanciful. Even in bad period costume design, there are certain markers you either have to have or have to avoid in order to give some semblance of accuracy. Long, undone, wind-blown bleached hair is simply off the menu for characters of this period if you’re trying to be correct. Since we doubt this is a mistake (it’s too obvious), we’re settling on the “fanciful” explanation. This is purported to be a musical – although we keep getting conflicting info on that – which tends to allow for a bit more freedom in period costume and art direction.



[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/]

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