Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik in NYC

Posted on April 26, 2017

Darlings, there’s just way too much red carpetry going on right now. That may seem like a strange complaint coming from the two of us, but we tend to get a bit ass-itchy when our front page is a sea of smiling faces in front of corporate logos. Unfortunately, the Celebrity Sidewalk Sashay game has been decidedly lacking of late.

Hence these two shiny happy folk:


Calm down, fangurls. We actually don’t mind featuring these two because they’re both pretty, they both know how to work the press, and they both like to put on a little sidewalk show on the regular (while pretending to be so exhausted by the task). They are as pure a form of celebrity as you can find in the 21st Century. There they are, folks: Our modern-day Crawford and Gable.

[insert shrieks of disapproval here]

And now that we’ve managed to piss off both the olds AND the youngs in one post, we’ll note that they look like a million other young straight couples. She’s dressed up and he’s dressed for a day of video games. Not that there’s anything wrong with his getup, but hers is chic and sidewalk-ready. And we can’t help but love it as the perfect visual aid for our post about khaki being one of the hottest trends of spring. Thank you for your help, dear. You look fab.



[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/]

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