FX Network 2017 All-Star Upfront Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on April 10, 2017

Kittens, the entire roster of FX’s stars came out in their less-than-finery to sell their wares and pose for pictures. We have the details. And the accompanying judgment. Join us, won’t you? Pack a lunch, because opinionating burns a lot of calories and we wouldn’t want you getting lightheaded before the end.

We joke about the casualness here, but honestly, it’s silly to expect more from an event like this. Just be cute about it and you’re fine with us. Case in point:


Aisha Tyler

Sure, it’s a little goofy, but it’s cute. It’s a way to be a little stylish while still keeping the effort level low. Love the shoes. Would not have rec’d the cuffed pants, though.



Cuba Gooding Jr.

Also cute/cazh. Just get your phone out of your tightass jeans.



Darren Criss

Didn’t feel like being cazh; only cute. That’s fine. There’s not enough contrast between shirt and suit, but he put the work in and he looks good. Can’t say he didn’t take the venue seriously.



Edgar Ramirez

Way too business-like (not to mention small).



Jean Smart

LUV HUH. Love her making a dressing gown work for the red carpet.


Keri Russell

Honestly? It all comes off a little try-hard. Get a darker wash jean without the holes and tone the footwear way down.



Matthew Rhys

Guess they both wanted to wear a formal jacket, for some reason. As a couple, it comes off a little precious, but he looks okay on his own.


Sarah Paulson in 3.1 Phillip Lim

Whut. The face is overdone to the point of unrecognizability and the shoes are awkward. It takes some effort to even notice the dress between those two poles, but it strikes us – along with the whole look – as a bit much for the event. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to come a little dressed up, but it feels way too “night out.”

[Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]

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