Friday Red Carpet Leftovers For the Week of April 23, 2017 – Part TWO

Posted on April 28, 2017

And now, the end is near. Another week of red carpetry has come to a close and with it go the last of our opinions for the week. After this post, our opinion tanks will be empty and barren till Monday, when they will bloom anew with opinions.

And now that we’ve tortured the analogies and similes enough, we’d like to get on with it, if you don’t mind.



America Ferrera

Cute, but a bit stiff. And the ankle straps aren’t being a friend.



Anna Camp

A blandly pretty dress with Payless shoes. You can do better, girl.



Chrissy Teigen

Does that black lining seem right to you?



Dave Bautista

Not loving the facial hair, but the man sure can fill the fuck out of a suit.



Jennifer Morrison

Call us crazy, but if the jumpsuit was black and the bandeau stayed white, we think this might look kind of chic.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s Vegas, mister. You can put a little more effort in.



Lea Michele

But of course.



Lucy Hale

Cute, but a bit on the mom side for her.



Martha Plimpton

There is nothing about this picture that we don’t love. That is some badass fucking red carpetry right there.



Milo Ventimiglia

He wears clothes weird. There. We said it. We don’t know what it is, but clothes always seem to sit on him funny. We get the impression he’s someone who spends most of his free time wearing as little as possible.



Pearl Mackie

Adorable. Turns out Anna Camp’s Payless shoes look a lot better in black.



Salma Hayek in Michael Kors Collection

She can’t even get a basic Kors shirt dress right. We get that she’s got some bodacia going on in the chestal area, but she’s got the kind of money where she can ensure that even simple dresses like this fit them correctly.

Love the sandals. We’ll give her that.



Taryn Manning




Zac Efron

No, he’s not making those pants work. Yes, you are still allowed to invite him to get it.



Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan

Perhaps they’re lovely people but they look insufferable as hell here.

And on that note of extreme bitchery, we bid you all adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

Ciao, Darlings!



[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Sara De Boer/, Getty Images]

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