Freida Pinto Hops on the Millennial Pink Trend at the “Guerrilla” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on April 14, 2017

And OH YES, that title is totally lame and eyeroll-worthy and bandwagon-jumping in every way. But hey, everyone’s talking about that stupidly named color this week and we thought we’d get in on a little of that sweet SEO action ourselves.

This is the mark of quality blogging, by the way. Dignity-free transparency.

Anyway, here’s Freida, bringing her recent good run of style choices to a screeching halt:

We have a note here from Jane Fonda:

“Dearest Frieda,

Bitch, I saw what you did to the hem of my pants. You better fix that shit before you give it back to me.

With Affection,


Girl, we don’t know how you got to this point, but you need to course-correct. This whole look is kind of hideous and cheap-looking. We don’t care how damn trendy that stupidly named color is, you render a ladysuit in a soft pink, you better make sure it’s styled well and fitted perfectly. If not, it goes straight to “octogenarian” when it doesn’t have to.



Style Credits:
Bally Pink Pantsuit from the Spring 2016 Collection
Stuart Weitzman Sandals

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Courtesy of Bally]

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