Translating the Trends for Spring 2017: An EXPLOSION of Groundbreaking Florals

Posted on April 21, 2017

Okay, first: we know what you’re going to say. Let’s get it out of the way now, shall we?



Miranda Priestley, truthsayer.

But the thing is, fashion doesn’t have to be groundbreaking for those of us who are not editors-in-chief of major fashion magazines. Sure, it’s silly to call florals a “trend” for spring 2017, since they’ve been a standard for every spring going back centuries now. Even so…


Alexander McQueen | Altuzarra | Balenciaga | Carolina Herrera | Chloé
Christian Siriano | Coach | Delpozo | Dolce&Gabbana | Emilia Wickstead
Erdem | Fendi | Giorgio Armani | Givenchy | Gucci
Lela Rose | Michael Kors | Miu Miu | Monique Lhuillier | Moschino
Naeem Khan | Prada | Salvatore Ferragamo | Tibi | Tory Burch


You can’t deny they once again ruled the runways for this season. As they should, since both fashion designers and more importantly, fashion consumers have shown an unwavering preference for them. Florals for spring will never be groundbreaking, but they’ll never stop being a no-brainer either.

So Lorenzo flexed his personal shopper muscles, stretched, took a running start, and dove straight into a sea of floral fashion, trying to divine the best deals and styles for his fashion-minded kittens ( i.e., you). Feel like checking out all the flowers he lovingly picked from the retail garden for you? Grab a water bottle. This is going to take a while.

First up on our look-see:





We told you it was going to take a while, didn’t we? It feels almost silly to try and pick Lorenzo’s favorites. First, because he loves them all, or else he wouldn’t have picked them. But mostly because experience tells us that a rack of 100 pretty floral dresses placed in front of a bunch of fashion-minded ladies means literally anything that comes out of our mouths on the subject will be summarily ignored. A gal likes what she likes and she doesn’t need us to tell her what’s what. Lo chose a range, from churchy Michelle Obama-style dresses perfect for a spring wedding, graduation or Mother’s Day brunch to flowy boho maxis, to more sexy, floaty, trendy looks with flared sleeves or cold shoulders. Dive in, dolls. Tell us what looks good.

If you’re not feeling the need to bump up your dress game at the moment or you don’t think a couple new frocks are enough to satiate your need for more flowers in your life, may we suggest…





BAM. There’s your jeans. There’s your shorts. There’s your cool floral jacket or hot floral skirt. It’s all here for the folks who just want a touch of garden here and there.

A note here about the Melissa McCarthy stuff: You may see some duplicate items and the prices may even vary wildly. By all means, go for the cheaper options first, but she’s a big seller (for good reason) and her stuff tends to sell out quickly, so Lo chose to give you as many options as possible.

But hey, maybe you don’t want to grow a garden on your body. Maybe you’d like to keep your flowers at arm’s (and leg’s) length. Then you need to look at …




Are you dizzy with the possibilities?

But perhaps you are the kind of soul who can’t seem to bring herself to wear floral sneakers or dresses with hibiscus near the crotch. It’s okay, darling. You don’t have to feel left out of this classic fashion look. You just need to look at…




Surely a cute pair of flowers hanging off your earholes isn’t going too far, now is it? Or a sassy little flower belt? Or some fun floral shades? Even if that’s all too much for your flower-hating heart, we can’t imagine you don’t want to garden up your iPhone at least a little. Only a barbarian wouldn’t.

Okay, fine. We need to work on our sales pitch. Still, there’s some fun stuff up and down this list, so tell us: Does your garden need some freshening up this season?


Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens!

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[Photo Credit: IMAXTree]

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