Dave Bautista Has A Red Carpet Posing Routine for the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” LA Premiere

Posted on April 20, 2017

As you no doubt remember, if you’ve been hanging on our every word these past 11 years, we kind of have an issue with stars over-posing on a red carpet. Just stand there, smile, and look like you’re thrilled to be wearing a bunch of tight, borrowed clothes. Anything else – blowing kisses, making out with your partner, finger guns – they’re all big NOs according to T Lo.

But goodness, this doesn’t seem to be bothering us at all, for some reason:


It’s a mystery.


We just felt like typing that. Anyway…


While we very much appreciate Dave for planting the image of an ice cream parlor full of bodybuilder waiters in adorable old-timey newsboy getups in our heads, we’re afraid we’re going to have to call this one out for being just a little too precious for our tastes.

We think you could take everything he’s wearing, put it on a much smaller guy (Elijah Wood), and have it all work, for the most part. But when you’ve got a big meaty head and neck like that, the little newsboy cap and tiny (in comparison) bow tie look a little silly. Ditch the cap and put on a tie. Also, consider relaxing the size just a bit. We’re not really supposed to see your abs and underpecs through a shirt and vest. But thank you for showing them anyway.
[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com, Getty Images]

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