Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Turn Up the Charm Dials at the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Premiere

Posted on April 20, 2017

America’s favorite couple hams it up for the cameras.


Goodness. They do so want to be loved by you.

Whether it’s an act or not – and we honestly don’t think it is – these two always imbue their red carpet appearances with a kind of cute “mom and dad out on date night” thing. We’re horribly cynical bitches, so the charm will definitely have an expiration date, but it hasn’t come up yet. We remain charmed. But we’d still much rather spend the night with the Saarsgard-Gyllenhaals or the Bettany-Connellys. We’re snooty. Happy-puppy couples would just make our asses itch after an hour or so.

Not that any of the above-named remotely give a shit about what we think, but what would our lives be if we couldn’t imagine which stars we’d want to sit next to at a party, darlings? Empty. Empty, cold and dark.

Fashion talk: Her dress is actually one of the prettiest ones we can remember her wearing. It’s more than a bit prom-y, to the point that we can’t help thinking it would look better with a corsage. We’re surprised that we like such a plain dress in such a non-color, but she’s probably a gal who should stick to the K.I.S.S. rule in fashion; this look being the prime example as to why.

He looks okay. Jacket’s a little snug. We have this thing about superheroes showing up on the red carpet in colorless suits. No one’s asking him to start wearing his Star Lord costume on the RC, but would a pop of color in the tie kill him? His people always over-do his face for red carpets. He looks smudged.


Style Credits:
Marchesa Light Pink Gown with Spaghetti Straps from the Spring 2017 Collection
Edie Parker “Jean’ Magnetic Clutch in Rose Quartz Pearlescent

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Getty Images]

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